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Multiple Hauliers has a strong social responsibility ethos, believing in giving back to the local communities and assisting those not so fortunate.
Long term projects undertaken by the company include:
Carriage of relief food:
Certain areas of the country have been undergoing severe drought for a number of years and as a result, local communities are unable to produce adequate food to sustain them. The company, in conjunction with certain of its clients, undertakes to acquire and deliver relief food, such as maize, cooking oil and other basic necessities to these often distant centres.
Family Health Days:
Annually the company hosts a ‘Family Health Camp’ for all staff and their families. These camps include full medical checks for everyone, doctor consultations, free medical and family planning advise, blood donations, as well as entertainment, food and drinks for the entire congregation.
Apart from being able to diagnose illnesses at these camps, the company also undertakes to provide medication, on doctor’s advice, for any family members who may require short or long term treatment.
HIV Assistance Program:
For a number of years the company has run a strong HIV Counselling and Prevention Program. Apart from peer councillors, the company is committed to assist any employee, who is willing to divulge their status, with the supply of medication and assistance.
The program is proud, that in the last five years, the company has not suffered a single AIDS related death.
School’s Road Safety Campaign:
It is a regrettable statistic that some 30% of all pedestrian fatalities are children, of school age. It was with this in mind that, at the beginning of 2011, the company decided to undertake a new CSR project. To try and reduce this suffering, by providing education on the dangers of traffic, whilst children go to and from school.
As in most 3rd world countries, children, in the rural areas often walk to school and, with the lack of pavements or walkways or crossing areas, walk in the road. As such, they are very susceptible to the traffic along the same route.
The campaign, undertaken in conjunction with the Kenya Red Cross, aims to teach the children on the dangers of being in the proximity of fast moving vehicles, on safe crossing methods and in the teaching of basic first aid.
If even one life can be saved, any effort will have been well worth the effort.
The campaign poster is based on a traffic light, though many of the children have never seen one and emphasises the need to Stop, Look & Listen before crossing.


Always thinking about the environment
Multiple Hauliers’ central yard in Nairobi, was constructed with the environment in mind. All waste water is re-cycled through an anaerobic digester before being used in truck washing and thereafter that water is again re-cycled back into the system.

Producing our own drinking Water

Due to the high incidences of water borne deceases in the region, the company has installed a reverse osmosis treatment plant, for producing drinking water. This water is both carried by drivers on their journeys and used for staff working in the facility.
Environment friendly way of disposing of waste
All waste oil and scrap tyres are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Both are provided to licensed companies, who use them in their furnaces.

Health & Safety

Award winning Driving Practices

The company operates a no night driving policy.
The Company has employed a full time in-house Trainer who is qualified in internationally recognised and accredited Defensive Driving Courses (DDCs) and who conducts daily customised trainings. Refresher courses are also undertaken on a regular basis.
The Companies entire fleet are fitted with the latest tracking systems, enabling constant monitoring from a central Control room, ensuring conformity of a vehicle’s journey plan and abidance to Company driving rules.