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Pick-Ups - The company operates some 60 pick-ups for roadside assistance, convoy escort as well as patrol and fleet monitoring.
Cranes - 3 cranes are always available, both for hire and in the event of an incident or breakdown, to ensure rapid removal of the truck and trailer from the highway. This section is soon to be boosted with the arrival of a 50mt heavy duty mobile tow unit with crane.
Rapid Response Units - Since a large number of the company’s fleet comprises of fuel tankers, it is essential to have specialised units available to attend at any breakdown or incident. These units are equipped with foam fire-fighting equipment and product transfer pumps.
Truck Carriers - It is a company policy that no roadside maintenance should be carried out. Accordingly, in the event of a breakdown, a crane and truck carrier will attend, lift the prime mover (tractor unit) onto the trailer and return it to our central yard for repair. The trailer is immediately hitched to a new prime and continues to destination.