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Being one of the most reputable haulage companies in East Africa, Multiple Hauliers’ fleets are easily identifiable as they are painted in the companies’ corporate colours, bright orange and blue. With a fleet of 1000 Trucks the bright orange and blue stripes have made them a popular feature of the business. The company takes huge pride in their fleet, taking care in making sure they have the latest safety features and modern technology.
The fleet is comprised of a mixture of general cargo trucks, skeletals for carrying containers, bulkers for carrying bulk cement, tippers for ferrying goods such as clinker, soda ash, gypsum and the like as well as fuel and gas tankers.
The entire fleet are fitted with the latest tracking systems, enabling constant monitoring from a central Control room, ensuring conformity of a vehicle’s journey plan and abidance to Company driving rules. The company has also recently invested in the installation of cargo tracking systems. This is a prime importance for fuel tankers, cement bulkers and container cargo, wherein it alerts if there is any tampering or opening of the doors or hatches.